October 23, 2005
Game Two notes

Ah, screw it. When Scott Podsednik goes yard against you, there's not much to say.

Well, okay, one thing: According to Joe Buck, Podsednik is the second player in history to have a postseason home run in a year where he had 500 regular season at-bats without one. Who was the first? Buck never told us. Thanks for keeping us informed, big guy.

All right, all right, someone is going to ask about that pitch that "hit" Jermaine Dye. The zoomed-in replay would, I think, meet the NFL instant replay standard of "incontrovertible visual evidence", assuming that the review ump had access to that perspective. Without it, I wouldn't care to place a bet on how the review would be adjudicated. It's one of those things and that's just how it is. Let's hope that a little home cooking can get the Astros up off the mat.

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