November 03, 2005
Michael Chertoff feels our pain

I guess that sharply worded letter that Governor Perry sent to Homeland Security director Michael Chertoff got lost in the mail.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff came to town to talk about immigration policy, and had no public response Wednesday to local leaders' complaints about his department's hurricane relief efforts.

He didn't answer questions after his speech before the Houston Forum, which organizes lectures by public figures and sometimes includes questions from the audience.


Harris County Judge Robert Eckels echoed White's comments Wednesday, saying FEMA quickly paid an initial reimbursement for Katrina efforts, but has been slow in making subsequent payments. During a ride from the airport, he raised the issue with Chertoff.

"Everyone is frustrated at the pace of the reimbursements. ... All he could say is he'll try to get our money; he understands," Eckels said.

I feel reassured now. Don't you?

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