November 08, 2005
David Harris website is up

David Harris, the Iraq War vet who is running against Smokey Joe Barton in CD06 has his campaign website up now. It's pretty spiffy, not quite the usual design, but looks appealing to me. There may be a few bugs left in the system - Monday was rollout day - but overall, a very nice job. Check it out.

You can learn a lot more about David Harris via this MyDD diary, a Daily Kos diary (written by him; the MyDD diary is by Anna), and a series of interviews at the District Sixer blog:

Iraq & National Security



Taxes & Economy

Trade & Human Rights

Health Care

Social Issues

If you like what you see, you can help by kicking in to his ActBlue page, and by recommending that he get support from Democracy for America. I've had the pleasure of meeting David and Michelle Harris, and I'll have plenty more to say about him and his campaign over the next year.

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