November 10, 2005
The case for Ciro

Andre Pineda has something to say about the upcoming Democratic primary in CD28:

To all you Texas bloggers out there, I blame you. Between you and the San Antonio papers, you had me convinced that Richard Raymond was for real. If not exactly the second coming, at least the second coming of Cuellar. So, sitting in my remote Pasadena (Calif.) perch, you convinced me that if I did a poll of the 28th congressional district in Texas, Raymond would pull so much support from his fellow Laredan, Henry Cuellar, that Ciro Rodriguez would be at least close to the lead.

Turns out, according to the poll he did, Raymond is barely breaking 10%. Cuellar is leading the pack, but only with 45%, followed by former Rep. Ciro Rodriguez at 30%. He goes on to make a pretty strong case for Rodriguez as the challenger in the best position to take Cuellar out. Go read his post and see for yourself.

There is a case to be made for Raymond, which The Red State does well. Money is always an issue, and The Jeffersonian has pointed out that Raymond is doing the best of the three contenders at raising it. There was a time when I was happy to support Raymond for Congress (though I really wanted him to aim for a different target), but I have to say that especially in the wake of Tuesday's disaster, his two anti-gay votes during the Legislative session left a sour taste in my mouth. I'll support Raymond over Cuellar if it comes down to a runoff between those two, but given that I have a perfectly viable alternative choice at this time, I'll take my chances with Ciro.

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