November 11, 2005
Veterans for Harrell, Harris for veterans

Mary Beth Harrell, for whom Veterans' Day is a "family affair" in her home - she is married to a retired Army warrant officer, and she has two sons on active duty - just picked up a nice endorsement from a veterans group. Texas Tuesdays (yes! it's back!) has the details plus information about some Veterans' Day events in the Fort Hood/Killeen area.

Meanwhile, Iraq War veteran and Democratic candidate for CD06 David Harris has some thoughts on what all of us can do to say thanks to those who have served their country. Check it out.

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Thanks for highlighting my diary. This is a day near and dear to my heart and the more people that hear our story, the better. Our Veterans need to have their story told now and forever. I hope everyone will continue to FOLLOW ME.

Posted by: David Harris on November 11, 2005 7:53 PM