November 12, 2005
HD26: Contested primary for Charlie Howard?

Bob Dunn reports that attorney and former Sugar Land Mayor Dean Hrbacek is "considering" a run in the GOP primary against incumbent State Rep. Charlie Howard.

“We’re evaluating it right now,” Hrbacek said Friday. “We’ve been meeting with people in the community about it. I’ve designated a campaign treasurer, but we haven’t made a final decision.”

Hrbacek said it’s no secret he has an interest in running for the post, adding, “I’ve told Charlie (Howard) I was considering it.”

He said he’s doing due diligence now, conducting some polling and attempting to determine interest in the district. “Are they content with their current representation, or do they think it’s time for a change?

Added Hrbacek: “I’m like the relief pitcher.I’m warming up, but I’m not in the game yet.”

I wonder if he's getting the same kind of polling help that the Republican Party of Texas is apparently offering in other districts. OK, I don't actually wonder - Howard is a team player, so he's unlikely to have drawn the wrath of the powers that be. It would be fun to contemplate, though.

One key issue, though, will be the Texas Legislature’s “inability to deal with school finance reform.” Hrbacek said he thinks state legislators need to spend “less time worrying about being re-elected” and more time directly addressing the questions surrounding the issue.


Meanwhile, Sugar Land businessman Ron Booker, founder of physician practice management company iMed Group, Ltd., announced on Nov. 1 that he intends to run against Howard for the District 26 seat in the Republican primary.

HD26 is a fairly safe district for the GOP, but with a possible three-way primary, which includes the potential for a runoff, as well as a ready-made issue to campaign on, I hope a Democrat jumps in as well. I've heard rumors that there have been efforts to recruit someone there, but as of this writing I've not heard anything solid.

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