November 13, 2005
Walking to San Antonio: Wrapup and pictures

State Rep. Aaron Pena writes a wrapup of the march he and many veterans took from Edinburg to San Antonio to highlight the need for a VA hospital in South Texas.

For the moment the feeling is one of elation and success. Make no mistake, there is no delusion about the difficult and rocky road ahead. A moment's glory does not mean my people of Deep South Texas will garner the full respect they earned with their sacrifice and the loss of so many young soldiers. This does not mean a hospital will soon rise above the plains of South Texas.

Notice should be taken however that we are a determined people that will sacrifice all in order to achieve a goal. The fire that has always burned in these soldiers now burns in me and a multitude of others who now believe. It should be noted that the passion in these and many other veterans will not be extinguished. In the future I would hope that before we spend billions in constructing roads to nowhere in Alaska, that great caution will be taken before our veterans are passed over again.

A blog called Fort Hood At Large has a zillion pictures from the marchers' arrival at the Alamo. Each one is a separate post, so just start at the top of the page and scroll down.

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