November 16, 2005
CD14 - Possible primary opponent for Ron Paul

After running completely unopposed in 2004, US Rep. Ron Paul may be facing challenges in both the general and the GOP primary next year. You already know about Shane Sklar; now meet Greg Roof.

Greg Roof, an economics professor at Alvin Community College, plans to challenge incumbent Ron Paul for the Republican Party nomination to seek the 14th district congressional seat.

He had the option, he said, of paying a $3,175 filing fee or collecting the signatures of 500 registered voters to place his name on next year’s primary election ballot.

“Because I believe that all governmental power comes from the people and that representatives must remain close to their constituents, I have chosen the petition route,” he said.

“In short, I am asking the people of Galveston to put me on the ballot.”

In a letter announcing his candidacy, Roof said he had collected about half of the needed signatures.

“I’m only going to run if I can collect the signatures,” he said. “I’m not going to run if I can’t. I want it to be grassroots, and I’m going from there.”


Why is he running? Roof said he felt Paul’s representation had been lacking with regard to the war in Iraq and other issues, but he indicated he wasn’t ready to talk specifics.

“First I need to get on the ballot,” he said, “then I’ll talk about the issues.”

Gotta say, that sounds like perennial candidate-talk to me. I mean, why run if you can't (or won't) articulate the reasons for it at every opportunity? It's not like he'll be getting mainstream press any time he wants it, after all. I'm not exactly quaking in my boots if I'm Ron Paul.

Assuming Roof gets his signatures, this is a mixed blessing for Paul. On the one hand, it'll force him to dip into his already-small campaign warchest a lot sooner than he might have liked. (Yeah, sure, he can fundraise, and I'm sure he'd get whatever he needed easily enough. Something tells me that's not what motivates him, though, which is why his coffers are so shallow to begin with.) On the other hand, it's never a bad idea to get out and campaign, especially in a new district, and this would certainly give him a reason to do so. We'll see if it comes about. Link via Banjo.

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This may help Sklar, though, if Paul is somehow bumped off in the primary by a social reactionary Bushista.

Posted by: Jim D on November 16, 2005 10:16 PM