November 17, 2005
Henley jumps into CD07

We now have two Democrats looking to challenge John Culberson in CD07. Joining David Murff is Lanier Middle School debate teacher Jim Henley, whose website should be up this weekend. From an email I got from Lamar High School student and Henley for Congress Committee member Michael Hurta:

On December 4th, Mr. Henley plans to make his intentions official at El Meson Resteraunt, 2425 University Blvd. Houston, Texas 77005. All potential supporters are invited to kick off a campaign with intentions to get a man on Capitol Hill who truly represents the people of District 7. At the kick-off, the candidate's sister, Susan McDougal, will speak.

Mr. Henley is currently the debate teacher at Lanier Middle School, leading a team containing over two hundred members. In each of the past three years, including one year which I am proud to have been a part of, Mr. Henley has coached the school's team to the national title in the field of Forensics.

The more, the merrier. I've met Murff and I think he's a solid candidate, but haven't yet made Mr. Henley's acquaintance, so I don't know any more about him than what I've just printed here. Having two people campaigning against Culberson for the next five months is all to the good, that's for sure.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on November 17, 2005 to Election 2006 | TrackBack

Maybe this debate coach lives in cd7 unlike David Murff who seems like a great guy but lives in Clear Lake which is likely cd22.

Heres some debate:

When the Democrats or any party has to import their candidates from another district where they have a choice of more than 600,000 citizens to run or run a candidate who has not been a state rep, city council member or judge for Congress it is not a good sign for them even though federal law requires he only be a resident of the state not the district and some folk love to brag, "vote for me I'm not a politician."

Personally I don't want someone whose not a physician doing surgery on my body and I know there is NO ONE in Congress in the Houston region whose first govt job was Congress.

One final note: In Culberson's district in 2004 President Bush won about 70 percent and Congressman Culberson won 70 percent which is identical to CD9 where Al Green won 70 percent in the same district John Kerry won 70 percent following the destruction of CD25 which was a competitive independent thinking district.

So much for anyone in this region having the inteligence to harbor independent thought.

Posted by: Burt Levine on November 17, 2005 6:12 AM

I appreciate Burt's concern over the residency issue but must point out that I had been a resident of Congressional District 7 for quite some time prior to marrying a Friendswoodian and moving south. I have made a huge commitment to the constituents of CD7 by entering this race and they deserve no less than having a Representative that lives their District. To that end, my wife and I have placed our home on the market and are looking to move back into the District as soon as possible. The decision to run against Culberson was not made lightly by myself and my family, considering we have three young children, but we believe a commitment of this magnitude is the least we can make in our attempt to restore integrity and intelligence to our political system.

Regarding my political experience; It appears the progression up the political ladder only breeds apathy and a disconnect from one's constituents. Clearly we are witnessing the fallout of career politicians in our everyday lives and this must be changed.

On final point. The numbers indicated by Burt are wrong and misleading. In the 2004 election, Bush carried CD7 by 63.8%, not 70% and Culberson won by 64.1%, not 70%. This district has changed considerable since that time relating to minority growth and discontent among voters. It should be noted that Chet Edwards (D) who represents the President, was victorious in a district where Bush carried 69% in 2004.

The people of this Nation are tired of politics as usual. It is time our representatives address the issues and start solving problems. This is exactly what I intend on doing.

David Murff, Congressional Candidate, TX CD7

Posted by: David Murff on November 17, 2005 4:19 PM