November 19, 2005
Packing and cracking in a nutshell

I'm really glad I copied the Quorum Report 2006 master candidate list before it went behind their paywall, even though by now it's likely to be hopelessly out of date. One reason why is because it gives information about the partisan split in each district, along with the 2002 Lieutenant Governor percentages, which are considered to be an accurate measure of a district's real preferences.

After doing the earlier post about the differences that Reps. Pena and Gonzales face in their districts, I took a look at the Lite Guv splits for each of the 150 State House seats. Of the 87 GOP districts, 12 voted 70% or higher for David Dewhurst, with HD15 in Montgomery County topping out at 77%. Of the 63 Democratic slots, fully 26 gave 70% or more of the vote to John Sharp, with eight of them clearing 80%. Ryan Guillen's HD31 was the most Democratic, as Sharp garnered 87% of the vote there.

On the other hand, 39 districts supported Dewhurst with between 60 and 70 percent. Only 13 went to Sharp at that level. The remaining 60 spots vary between 40 and 60 percent for one side or the other.

Just a little illustration of packing and cracking to brighten your day.

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