November 30, 2005
Meet Larry Stallings

I've mentioned that a fellow named Larry Stallings has taken the task of challenging State Rep. Frank Corte in HD122. It hasn't taken him long to get his campaign into gear. He's also got a campaign blog up, and judging by this post from his wife, he's got a good idea of how to use it.

Speaking of [Rep. Corte], our daughter asked me why he introduced a bill to give, specifically, $6,000.00 a year in school vouchers. She wondered where that specific amount came from, since it is generally more than our local districts spend per child anyway. I didn't know why, so she set out to find out where that specific amount came from. Why $6,000.00? Why not $7.000.00? Why not $4,368.00? Well, she called last night at about 10 PM with an answer. Evidently, Mr. Corte used an amount fairly familiar to him - the tuition, plus $100.00 (for uniforms?) at his own kids' school matches that proposed amount.

Nicely done, ma'am. Make sure that gets repeated whenever Larry goes somewhere to speak.

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