December 06, 2005
More Texan of the Year sightings, the homepage for Texas school administrators, saw our choice for Texan of the Year and gives its approval.

I respect those individuals who hold high office but appear not to forget who sent them there or where they came from. As I listened to some of Carter Casteel's speeches, I was left feeling proud to be a Texan and an educator.


I also like Carter Casteel because she respects educators for the work they do and votes principle over party.

Casteel's blogging colleague Aaron Pena also approves.

[W]ith the purge of the moderates from the Republican ranks and packed Democratic districts who then is left to speak for the large middle of Texas. More simply, where are the independents who will speak for Texas when partisanship becomes the religion of the day.

These brave souls will have to reach away out of their comfort zones if we are to have successes -- as Democrats and pragmatic Republicans have done in stalemating pro-voucher advocates.


By the way, I saw our favorite Texan of the Year at the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony on Saturday. I told her congratulations for the recognition. She seemed happy about it and said thank you.

Sometime ago she told me her staff alerts her to the posts we write, so I know she sees them. Before you know it she will be blogging herself.

Bring it on, I say. The more insight we can get from the floor of the Lege, the better.

In the interest of full disclosure, I note that not everyone was impressed with our choice. Maybe we'll do better for you next time, dude.

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Rep Pena's blog's gotten pretty darn good recently, hasn't it? You forgot to mention A Capitol Blog was recently named top public official's blog in the nation, I think deservedly.

Congrats to both Pena and Casteel.

Posted by: Scott on December 6, 2005 3:36 PM