December 07, 2005
Filing news: Aaron Pena and his colleagues

Aaron Pena drove home last night to file for his reelection in Edinburg today. He also reports that his colleagues Joe Straus, Ryan Guillen, and the trio of Kino Flores, Juan Escobar, and Abel Herrera have filed or will be filing shortly.

Rico adds to The Rep's roundup, while Just Another Matt had the Straus story earlier as well.

Elsewhere, you can still nominate, endorse, comment on, or just find out about candidates for various races in Texas via Step Up Texas. They've added a lot of information about recently-announced contenders, but they've still got some holes to fill. You can help them out with that, so take a look at fill in a blank or two.

Finally, former Houstonian Rob reports on Congressional activity in his new back yard. Five Democratic challengers for NY-19? Someone thinks that's a flippable seat.

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