December 14, 2005
Filing news: A challenger for Grusendorf

According to the Quorum Report, a UT-Arlington professor named Diane Patrick will take on State Rep. Kent Grusendorf in the GOP primary for HD94. Here's a news article about her, and here's her official bio. One comment: That news story refers to how red HD94 is, and makes a case that the only real action will be in the GOP primary, which may see all of 3000 votes cast. HD94 is about a two-to-one GOP district, but as with Joe Crabb in HD127, the low score was achieved there in 2004 by Grusendorf himself; he collected 63.1% against Ruby Wooldridge. If we want to make Tarrant County a little more purple, we've got to start in districts like this, especially against incumbents like Grusendorf who personify the Craddick Agenda and all that's wrong with it.

Elsewhere, Hubert Vo has done his filing.

State Representative Hubert Vo today officially filed his papers for re-election, saying that it's critical to have an independent voice in Austin who can speak for the mainstream values of Texas House District 149.

"I hope to keep serving our community as we chart a new course based on our traditional values of family, fairness, and faith in the future," Vo said.

Vo said he will continue to be a strong advocate for small businesses, public schools, children's health, and property tax relief.

As a member of the House Committee on Business and Industry during his first term, Vo earned a reputation for pushing for streamlined regulations and increased consumer protections.

Vo also served on the Border and International Affairs Committee and said he looks forward to continuing to help position Houston to take advantage of new opportunities for commerce in the global marketplace.

"Our community is poised to be a regional partner with a global vision," Vo said.

Earlier this month, Vo was honored for his ongoing efforts to find food, shelter, and relief for people who were evacuated to the Houston area in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Bring it on, Talmadge.

Meanwhile, two Democrats are stepping up in HD118 to replace the outgoing Rep. Carlos Uresti.

Hopefuls who have said they will file for the seat include Harlandale School Board member Joe Farias and law enforcement veteran Larry Ricketts.

Farias is a retired City Public Service employee and is serving his third term on the Harlandale board. He voluntarily resigned his position Monday night, saying it would be a conflict of interest if he sat on the board while asking for support from educators.

He said his education background will help him deal with the thorny issue of public school finance. He added that reducing property taxes is another goal of his, if elected.

"It seems like we tax the homeowner all the time. We have to explore other avenues for funds," he said.

Farias ran for City Council District 3 in 2003 against then-incumbent Toni Moorhouse and Ron Segovia, who won the election.

Ricketts is a captain in the Precinct 2 constable's office and a business owner who has run against Sheriff Ralph Lopez three times.

Ricketts and his wife own a day care center. He said he envisions promoting protection of the state's most vulnerable populations, an issue Uresti made a cornerstone of his tenure.

"I'm going to fight for the poor people's rights," he said.

On the Republican side, physician assistant Steve Salyer has filed for the seat, and George Antuna, a regional staffer for U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, is "seriously considering" a run.

Link via The Red State, who thinks Antuna would provide a stronger challenge than 2004 GOP nominee Steve Salyer. The Jeffersonian breaks down the numbers in this swing district, which may be tilting a bit Republican as its north side is growing faster than the south side.

By the way, Greg has been keeping count of the unchallenged Republican State House seats at Texas Tuesdays. Leave a comment there if you hear of a new candidate somewhere.

Moving over to Congress, a quick check of the Democratic filings page tells me that a fellow named Roger L. Owen will be running against redistricting beneficiary Louie Gohmert in CD01. I know nothing about Roger Owens, and Google was no help, so if you have any info here, please leave a comment or drop me a note.

Another item from The Jeffersonian is more whispering about Victor Morales jumping into the CD28 primary. Whatever, dude.

Looks like Patricia Baig may be moving from an exploration of a GOP primary challenge in CD22 to filing for the race.

Baig, who has been involved in anti-DeLay protests in the district, she entered the race because "it's time we had a good debate in this district. We're ready for a change."

Baig said she hasn't voted in a Republican primary in about 30 years because her husband's work in the oil business has kept them overseas, in remote areas where access to an absentee ballot was difficult.

The retired special education teacher said, however, that she considers herself a lifelong Republican who wants to focus on education and veterans issues.

Link via Chris Elam, who has written about Baig's lack of a Republican pedigree here.

Nate notes that Rep. Chet Edwards is positioning himself well for what will surely be a tough reelection fight in CD17. There aren't many elected offices in Texas right now that are held by Democrats but which Republicans think should be rightfully theirs, and CD17 is just about at the top of that list. Look for this race to be very expensive, and more than a little nasty.

Finally, Mary Beth Harrell is posting away again in the Kos diaries. Give it a read and a recommendation if you can.

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Thanks, Kuff. Who needs Kronberg or Hailey when we have you?

P.S. I'm not sending you $250.

Posted by: Marie on December 14, 2005 11:23 AM

Richard Raymond is out of the race for CD-28, according to Aaron Pena and the SA Express.

Posted by: PDiddie on December 14, 2005 4:20 PM

Richard Raymond is too scared to take on Henry Cuellar. I bet Mercurio Martinez whups his ass, too, for his old House seat. Being seen as a political calculator will get anyone beat these days.

Posted by: seth on December 14, 2005 7:28 PM