December 27, 2005
Making the case for Blyleven

If you've read this site for awhile, you know that I firmly believe that Bert Blyleven belongs in the Hall of Fame. His vote total has crept steadily upwards every year, but he's still only a bit closer than halfway there (he got about 40% of the vote last year). This year, without any locks for enshrinement among the newcomers to the ballot, some people who do the actual voting seem to be taking a closer look at his credentials, and coming away rethinking past reluctance. Here's a series of articles from the Baseball Analysts blog from before Christmas on the Compleat Case for Bert Blyleven. If that's still not enough for you, here's a twofer from Jay Jaffe to take you across the finish line. If you're still not convinced, I don't know what else to day.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on December 27, 2005 to Baseball | TrackBack