January 02, 2006
Filing news: One pro-Strayhorn faction identified

The announcement by Carole Independent Strayhorn (or is that Carole Keeton Independent? I can't keep track) that she'll be running as an independent is getting cheers from one corner of the electorate: the anti-toll road faction. That at least has a chance of chipping away at Governor Perry's base of support. The first batch of post-filing polls is gonna be interesting, that's for sure.

Not much new to report from the Dems who have filed page. There's a contender in Mac Thornberry's CD13, which is a West Texas district that is something like 75% GOP. Nonetheless, best of luck to you, Roger J. Waun, for taking the challenge. Some wag at MyDD thinks "Waun's the One" would make for a pretty good bumper sticker. Go for it, I say.

In the Get A Life Department, I'm about to got out to dinner with Tiffany and Olivia, then I'll be at Autry Court for the Rice-Yale basketball game. I'll have a rundown of who's running where when it's all over.

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Thanks for the mention and the good luck wishes.
Actually, the 13th. District is more like a 70/30 split at present. But many of the older generation of Republicans are still Democrats at heart with a fiscal conservative bent. With plenty of ticket-splitting going on this November, I hope to "peel away" 30% of the Republican vote while also generating a high turn-out of Dems. Thorberry's record is that of a big spender who has backed DeLay and his party leaders 94% of the time, and the Bush Administration with 97% of his votes in the House. Federal spending has increased 42% since 2000, and we have the biggest government payroll and foreign debt in history, while pork barrel earmark spending has almost doubled to $53 Billion annually during Thornberry's tenure in Washington. Fiscally conservative people don't like big spenders! It will be my job to reach out to Republicans who want to reverse these debt riden trends in Government.

Thanks again.

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Posted by: Roger Waun on March 7, 2006 2:21 PM