January 02, 2006
Filing news: Closing time

The deadline has passed. According to the filings page, which was last updated at 4:45 PM and thus may yet be incomplete, all Congressional districts but one (CD11) have Democratic challengers. CD10 now has an amazing five candidatess (where were you guys in 2004???), and CD01 will also have a contested primary.

One new State Senate candidate, Dwight B. Fullingim in Jane Nelson's SD12. Another 70-30 district, but as always, my hat is off to those who take up that kind of challenge.

I'm counting 88 State Rep districts with at least one contender. Greg says there's 46 unchallenged Republicans, which (assuming that all the incumbents plus someone to replace Jim Solis in HD38 have filed) would make 104 contested races (63 Dem-held seats, plus 41 of 87 GOP-held seats). Until the State Party page is finalized, that's a guess.

That's the good news. The bad news is that at the statewide level, Comptroller, Land and Railroad Commishes, and as far as I can tell all Supreme and Court of Criminal Appeals seats will be decided in March by the GOP primary. I hope I'm wrong about that. There are now 3 Lite Guv candidates now, however, including Maria Alvarado. Feliz Alvarado is still absent.

More later. Off to the basketball game.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on January 02, 2006 to Election 2006 | TrackBack

Fred Head for Comptroller and a guy whose phone number rings at the Royal Mart in Carrizo Springs is going to duke it out with Ben and Maria Luisa for a chance at the most powerful position in the state.

Posted by: George on January 2, 2006 6:56 PM

As of the 6:30 update, the Dems have candidates for Land Commish, Railroad Commish, and Comptroller.

The Comptroller candidate is Fred Head of Athens.

The Land Commissioner candidate is VaLinda Hathcox of Sulphur Springs.

The Railroad Commissioner candidate is Dale Henry of Lampasas.

I'm sure others can fill in details, but there's either two Fred Head's in Athens, or the Fred Head running is the former member of the Texas State House and a Dirty 30 Member.

Posted by: RBH on January 2, 2006 7:16 PM

Good stuff!

Do you know how many state Leg races were contested last time? How much of an improvement on recruitment is this?

Posted by: Nicholas Beaudrot on January 2, 2006 7:37 PM

Walter Hofheintz of Dallas filed for Comptroller. I think someone filed for Land Commissioner today, too.

Posted by: Byron L on January 2, 2006 8:40 PM

there are candidates for those three offices - the website probably just hadn't been updated by the time you posted...

Posted by: Byron L on January 2, 2006 8:58 PM

A bit of news from Bexar County - NO, it's not about Rudy Casias! Remember, Carla Vela was the first, and we thought only, person to file for Party Chair. Well, at 5:54 PM, Dan Ramos filed. Talk has it that he has some of the same names on his petition that Carla does, so we shall see what develops...

Posted by: dksbook on January 2, 2006 9:01 PM

Fred Head is running and expected to win for Texas Comptroller, please ensure you vote for Fred Head

As for Fred Head's Republican Opponent Pornographic Book writer Susan Combs I think everyone is missing the bigger picture, Susan Combs wrote a book with sex and then Susan
took a public position during debate on a sex education (ABSENCE ONLY)
bill while she served as a State Representative. The point, Susan
is a hypocrite. Fred Head
is clearly stating the facts. Please argue how you can write a book of this nature
and then took a public position of sex education (ABSENCE ONLY) bill. Can't
have it both ways.

Posted by: Concerned Citizen on October 14, 2006 3:57 AM