January 04, 2006
DeLay vs Lampson blog

The proprietor of the PerryVsWorld blog emails me to say he's got a new blog going, this one focusing on the DeLay-Lampson battle. The PvsW site is a good and useful resource, so I expect more of the same here. Here's a post about the voting patterns of territory that is now in CD22 versus what was there in 2002, and here's a post on the demographics of the district.

One thing I want to point out is that while everyone knows that DeLay underperformed in CD22 in 2004, he also underperformed in 2002, though by a lesser margin. It's my opinion that his troubles precede his well-known ethical issues, and that if he continues this slide he's in serious trouble in 2006. We'll see how that goes. Meantime, add this blog to your RSS feeds - it'll be worth your time.

UPDATE: The blog and its URL have been renamed to DeLayVsWorld, which makes more sense anyway from both a logistical and branding perspective. I've updated all the links in this post to reflect that.

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