January 07, 2006
DeLay gives up on leadership post

Poor Tom.

Embattled Rep. Tom DeLay on Saturday abandoned his bid to remain as House majority leader, clearing the way for leadership elections among Republicans eager to shed the taint of scandal.

In a letter to rank-and-file Republicans, DeLay said, "During my time in Congress, I have always acted in an ethical manner within the rules of our body and the laws of our land. I am fully confident time will bear this out."

At the same time, "I cannot allow our adversaries to divide and distract our attention," the Texas Republican wrote.


After repeatedly maintaining that President Bush continued to support DeLay, the White House pivoted abruptly on Saturday, issuing a statement that endorsed DeLay's move. "We respect Congressman DeLay's decision to put the interests of the American people, the House of Representatives and the Republican Party first," said Erin Healy, a spokeswoman for Bush.


DeLay acted hours after a small vanguard of Republicans circulated a petition calling for leadership elections and citing DeLay's legal problems as well as his long ties to Abramoff.

Republican rules permit an election to fill the vacancy, and aides to Reps. Jeff Flake of Arizona and Charles Bass of New Hampshire said on Friday that the lawmakers' petition would allow the rank and file to pick new leadership quickly.

"The developments with Abramoff have "brought home the fact that we need not just new leaders but a course correction," Flake said.

Rep. Heather Wilson (news, bio, voting record) of New Mexico, a perennial election-year target of Democrats, said she did not want DeLay to return as majority leader.

And GOP Rep. Jim Ramstad (news, bio, voting record) of Minnesota said, "It's clear that we need to elect a new majority leader to restore the trust and confidence of the American people."

Let's all join in singing Tom DeLay's new theme song:

Nobody likes me, everybody hates me,
Guess I'll go eat worms,
Long, thin, slimy ones; Short, fat, juicy ones,
Itsy, bitsy, fuzzy wuzzy worms.

Down goes the first one, down goes the second one,
Oh how they wiggle and squirm.
Up comes the first one, up comes the second one,
Oh how they wiggle and squirm.

Jesse asks a question, then answers it himself:

So what was it that finally got Republicans to revolt, and to ask for new Leadership? Was it the revelation of some action or behavior that took his corruption to new levels? Was it a spontaneous, collective crisis of the conscience?

No. It was a plea bargain by Jack Abramoff. No new information came out about DeLay himself.

He's also got an overview of the leading contenders to replace DeLay. The Daily DeLay has the text of DeLay's letter to his colleagues, the statements from replacement candidates Roy BLunt and John Boehner, and their own reaction.

Oh, and by the way:

Rep. Bob Ney, R-Ohio, is likely to be indicted in an ongoing public corruption scandal, according to a fellow Republican congressman, Jim McCrery of Louisiana.

Ney has been linked by prosecutors to Jack Abramoff, a former lobbyist who pleaded guilty to charges this week that include mail fraud, tax evasion and conspiracy to bribe public officials. He also is linked to Abramoff's associate, Michael Scanlon, who pleaded guilty in November to conspiring to bribe a member of Congress and other public officials.

"He'll probably be indicted," McCrery speculated Friday.

All that, plus convicted felon Duke Cunningham wore a wire. Have a nice day.

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The following article, if proved to be true, might answer the question about why Republicans would now try to disengage DeLay...


Dear Ronnie Earle,

Please consider the following for discovery to determine the truth of the matter.

And, Happy Democracy Everyone!

Thank you so much,

Many Blue, Yellow and Green Dogs


Abramoff money = election fraud

From Anonymous:

I was thrilled to see someone write about the Ney-HAVA connection. We need a journalist to pick up this story. Here is my synopsis of the events:

The real story behind Abramoff is that it is not simply about "influence peddling." It is in fact influence peddling to affect election outcomes.

In the equation of Abramoff Money Laundering the following holds true:

Input = Abramoff money
Output = Election fraud

Follow the story below from the first small potatoes case to the final mother-of-all-election-fraud cases in US history:

*Small potatoes:

*The first players in the Abramoff drama to be sent to jail were former New Hampshire GOP Chair Chuck McGee and his boss former Bush New England Campaign Manager Jim Tobin. In 2002 the NH GOP paid $15,600 to a firm that jammed the NH Dem get-out-the-vote phone lines.

Days before the payment was made, the NH GOP accepted 3 payments of $5000 each from the following sources:

1) Abramoff client the Mississippi Choctow Tribe
2) Abramoff client the California Aqua Tigua Caliente Tribe
3) Tom Delay's ARMPAC.

Input: Abramoff money --> Output: Election fraud


*In 2002 House Administration Chair Congressman Bob Ney of Ohio was a prime sponsor of the (sic) "Help America Vote Act" (HAVA). In fact, HAVA was actually written in Bob Ney's office. HAVA, under the guise of resolving the 2000 election fraud issues, was actually written to promote the distribution of computerized voting systems across the nation. The bill was designed to send $3.8 billion taxpayer dollars straight into the pockets of corporations like Diebold, whose voting equipment has now been unequivacolly proven to provide an open door to election rigging. Diebold, one of the prime lobbyists for HAVA, was at the time a client of Greenberg Traurig, Abramoff's firm.

I have compiled plenty of information on this issue, which I am ready to provide in order to get this story out. I have access to eye witnesses and players who were physically present and participating in Bob Ney's office when HAVA was written. As sexy as congressional scandal is, it pales in comparison to the real story behind the Abramoff affair: the theft of our democracy.

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This is what led the White House to start crawfishin' & demand delay's resignation:

Duke Cunningham wore a wire.

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Here's hoping for Democracy so that we can start Working on Global Warming.

I Pledge Alligence to Democracy and to the Checks and Balances by which it stands...

A little late on this one, but here goes for later events


Attend Local Events in Support of Resolution to
Investigate Impeachable Offenses

I have taken steps to begin the inquiry into possible impeachable offenses by the Bush Administration, and have called for censure of the President and the Vice President. Now I am asking for your help to stand with me in fighting for accountability.

We need to present a unified front in our call for justice. A coalition of organizations, led by AfterDowningStreet.org, has organized a series of town hall events and house parties this weekend to coordinate grassroots activity in support of efforts to investigate impeachable offenses.

On January 7th, there will be over 130 events held across the country, several attended by Democratic Members of Congress. These will provide an opportunity to meet like-minded people from your area and to coordinate efforts to hold this administration accountable for misleading us into war. I will be at the Speak Out on the War Town Hall in Livonia, Michigan.

These events will also set in motion a massive grassroots campaign in support of our efforts. The Progressive Democrats of America have set up a follow-up outreach program on January 9th, called the PDA National Call-In Day, the details of which may be found here.

Become a Citizen Cosponsor

I also want to let you know about a program I have started called the Citizen Cosponsorship campaign which encourages people to sign onto my legislation calling for the investigation of possible impeachable offenses. We have amassed 30,000 signatures in a week and are seeking to reach 100,000 cosponsors by the time Congress reconvenes at the end of January.

This campaign follows a thorough review of Bush Administration misconduct I undertook which culminated in the publication of a 250-page report. [A copy of the report may be found at Raw Story.com and also at CensureBush.org.]

The latest incidence of the Bush Administration's abuse of power underscores why we must unite to take strong action now. Late last night we learned that NBC is investigating reports that the National Security Agency (NSA) conducted wiretaps of CNN reporter, Christiane Amanpour. While it is very troubling that the NSA would be targeting journalists to uncover terrorist plots, what is especially disconcerting is that Ms. Amanpour's husband served as a senior advisor to the John Kerry presidential campaign and would have been using the same phone that the Agency is alleged to have been wiretapping. The overreach of the NSA in conducting warrantless wiretaps is astounding in its audacity and I have demanded the White House disclose to Congress whether, and to what extent, journalists have been under surveillance and report on additional elements of this program. 21 other Members of Congress joined me in this request, a copy of which may be found on RawStory.com.

These continued constitutional abuses means your voice needs to be heard. Please take the time to get involved. Help send the message to the President, the media, and the American people that we want an end to the war and we are not going to stand for an imperial presidency any longer.


John Conyers

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So, Charles, what do you think about Newt Gingrich's idea? All contacts between lobbyists and government officials need to be reported on the Internet? That would be a pretty good start, no?

Posted by: Andre Pineda on January 8, 2006 12:39 PM

Andre, it's fine as it goes, but I like what Mark Schmitt says better.

Posted by: Charles Kuffner on January 9, 2006 8:04 AM

I pledge to also work on my spelling...

I Pledge Allegiance to Democracy and to the Checks and Balances by which It Stands...

now that is better...

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