January 11, 2006
And now we pause for a brief existential digression

Thought for the day: In a world that contains Go Fug Yourself, do we still, cosmically speaking, need Mister Blackwell and his annual list? Maybe it's a generational thing that will eventually pass, I don't know. You have to give the old boy props for continuing to get this kind of publicity out of an annual press release and some admittedly still decent snark. But why wait for a year when you can have stuff like this or this or especially this any blessed day of the week? It's a mystery, I tell you.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on January 11, 2006 to Society and cultcha | TrackBack

Mr. Blackwell's list reminds me of the New Year's Eve tradition of Guy Lombardo performing at the Waldorf-Astoria on CBS. In both cases, they kept going well after their time had passed, but some people still enjoyed it.

Some might also compare the list to those put out by movie / theater / TV critics of the worst moments / shows of the year.

Posted by: William Hughes on January 12, 2006 10:56 AM