January 15, 2006
The 2006 Houston Marathon from my front porch

This was not a good day to sleep in if you live in my neighborhood. The 2006 Houston Marathon ran through the Woodland Heights early this morning, with the first runner speeding past me on Michaux at about 7:15 AM. Here are a couple of pictures for those of you who missed the action:

The Norhill Esplanade, which was on the back end of the trip through the Heights. These folks are a couple of blocks from making the long run down Studewood/Studemont/Montrose all the way to Mecom Fountain. Here's a PDF map of the whole course.

Michaux Street, which is the entrace to the Heights for the runners - after crossing I-45 on Quitman, they curve around Buffalo Bayou on White Oak, then turn onto Michaux. This picture was taken from Norhill, a block away. By this time, the vast majority of the pack had passed through.

The mandatory Olivia picture. She got the shirt from our friend Al Neil, who did the marathon in about 3:05 (they don't have his finish time yet, but that was his pace).

Congratulations to everyone who completed the Marathon!

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Great picture of Olivia! She looks ready to go!

Posted by: Your Sister on January 16, 2006 9:43 AM