January 21, 2006
Date set for HD106 special election

The special election to replace the outgoing State Rep. Ray Allen in HD106 will be February 28.

Gov. Rick Perry on Friday called a special election for Feb. 28 to fill the unexpired term of state Rep. Ray Allen, R-Grand Prairie, who resigned Thursday with a year to go on his term. Candidates for the special election must apply with the secretary of state by Jan. 30. Early voting will begin Feb. 13. House District 106 includes most of Grand Prairie and part of Irving. The election was declared an emergency because a special legislative session on school finance must occur before June 1, a deadline set by the Texas Supreme Court.

I'd forgotten about the emergency provision when I speculated on the election date. This makes sense, though having it right next to the primary like that seems wrong to me. Not sure what else could have been done, though.

I want to make it clear that I'm not pessimistic about Katy Hubener's chances in this election. I think she'll have a pretty good shot at it, given that she's run for this seat before and garnered numerous endorsements in doing so. The point of my earlier post was just to make sure everyone realizes that the conditions in HD106 are not the same as they were in HD48. Hubener's job is tougher. Doable, to be sure, but tougher.

If you want to learn more about Katy Hubener, Eye on Williamson has a message from a campaign supporter with some good info. It'll be early voting before you know it, so let's get ready.

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In 2004, Katy Hubener came close with the same campaign team that is now behind Donna Howard. Plus, Hubener had little or no support from the usual Democratic suspects. This time, she has the same team which has proven they don't need the Austin naysayers anyway.

Posted by: seth on January 22, 2006 12:32 PM