January 22, 2006
Anti-DeLay ad to run today

The two-week saga of the anti-Tom DeLay ad comes to something like a close today when it finally runs on the air.

A controversial ad linking Rep. Tom DeLay to former lobbyist Jack Abramoff will hit the airwaves in Houston today after local television stations had declined to show an earlier ad.

The revised ad calling for DeLay to resign his congressional post is set to air on KPRC-NBC (Channel 2) and KRIV-FOX (Channel 26), according to Campaign for America's Future, one of two liberal public interest groups that joined forces last week to run the ad.

D'Artagnan Bebel, vice president and general manager of KRIV, said Saturday that his station will air the revamped ad, but representatives for KPRC could not be reached to confirm the station would show the ad.

"I've accepted the revised spot," Bebel said Saturday.

The ad, titled "Out of Sight," is to air during this morning's news programs.

"The controversial ad". I love that. The one only reason why this ad is "controversial" is because wussies like D'Artagnan Bebel got the vapors when DeLay's attorney threatened to file a frivolous lawsuit against them. Had they acted like grownups, called his bluff, and run the ad as they initially agreed to do, we'd all be far enough into the next non-story of the news cycle to have completely forgotten about it by now. Mind you, I'm not unhappy that we've spent two weeks debating whether or not a $1 million contribution from Russian oil interests to a sham DeLay charity actually influenced a vote he cast or not. I'm just amazed that it came to this.

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