January 25, 2006
Gammage gets endorsements

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bob Gammage picked up his first major endorsement on Monday, from House Democratic Caucus Chair Jim Dunnam. He trails Chris Bell by a wide margin in that department, but this is a nice one to have.

More important to his campaign right now, I'd say, is the upcoming fundraiser with Wes Clark, which ought to boost his coffers by a decent amount. Clark will also be at an endorsement rally for Gammage at the U.S. and Vietnamese Soldier Memorial in Houston on Thursday, January 26, at 2:30 PM. According to the press release I've got, State Rep. Hubert Vo will also be there. Whether that means he's endorsing Gammage or not I can't say. I'm guessing not, since the release doesn't mention that. But I thought I'd pass it along.

From there, it's off to Corpus for Clark and Gammage, where they'll stump for Juan Garcia in HD32. Eddie from The Red State will be liveblogging it.

UPDATE: And chalk up another endorsement for Bell, this time from Houston's State Rep. Garnet Coleman.

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