February 09, 2006
Hubener endorsed, and more

Katy Hubener gets a ringing endorsement from the Dallas Morning News.

Here's what Katy Hubener, a real estate agent running for House District 106, has going against her special-election candidacy to fill the retiring Ray Allen's seat. She's a Democrat running in a conservative Republican district, which takes in southern Irving and most of Grand Prairie. And she's up against Republican Kirk England, son of popular longtime Grand Prairie Mayor Charles England. (Gene Freeman, a Libertarian, is also on the ballot.)

Here's what Katy Hubener has going for her candidacy – and why we enthusiastically recommend her for the special election slated for Feb. 28. (Early voting begins Monday.)

She knows the big issues down to the smallest detail, and she is on the right side: local-option tax election for transit (for), recorded votes (for), more money for public education (for) and an active governmental role in cleaning up North Texas air (for – she's been an activist on this issue).

Mr. England, 44, an insurance agent, is making his first run at elected office – and it shows. He told us that he decided to seek the office in large part because he "is about to be an empty-nester."

Representing the people in the Legislature ought not be seen primarily as a hobby for folks with time on their hands.

What's more, Mr. England displayed a troubling lack of detailed knowledge about the issues facing the district. For example, when asked about whether the additional counties should have been added to the Dallas-area air quality nonattainment area by the EPA, Mr. England responded, "I'm not familiar with that issue."

Ouch! Air quality is a complicated issue – most issues are – and that's why people, no matter what their political ideology, need to count on having an energetic, engaged representative down in Austin advocating for the needs of their district. Ms. Hubener is probably more liberal than most in District 106, but practical-minded voters should place a high value on competence.

Besides, if voters don't like how Ms. Hubener performs in Austin during the special session, they'll have a chance to toss her out in November.

Richard Morrison sent out a fundraising email on Hubener's behalf yesterday, which I've reproduced beneath the fold. Picking up this seat and HD48 will go a long way towards keeping the upcoming special session on point, so help out if you can.

Moving on to SD19, some free advice for Frank Madla: When you want to win a Democratic primary, it's probably not a good idea to say things like "When I get to the state Capitol, I lock the Democratic Party in my trunk." Call me crazy, but Democrats usually prefer voting for Democrats, you know? There's video at the link, so take a look, or just revisit the classics.

Seems Henry Cuellar has some endorsement problems. And a lousy environmental record. Oh, and Ciro's total on ActBlue is up to $76K. Go Ciro!

Vince has the story of a misleading attack ad on Donna Howard. And did you know Ben Bentzin thinks there isn't a lot of scientific consensus about whether or not intelligent design really is a scientific theory that is mainstream and acceptable? Sure, Ben.

Reporting from DC during Band of Brothers week: Matt on behalf of John Courage (here and here), and Michelle Harris on behalf of David Harris. Here's more on the main event from Tim Tagaris.

Score one for Barbara Radnofsky: KBH is finally taking action on a VA hospital in South Texas. Perry has the press release.

Part One of the BOR 40/40 interviews with Chris Bell and Bob Gammage are up. You can't say you don't know enough about the candidates to make a decision by now.

I am writing you today to tell you about my friend Katy Hubener, who is running for State Representative in House District 106 in the special election on February 28.

Katy is a certified Texas teacher, small business owner and longtime community leader. She will be a strong voice for the mainstream values of her community.

Contribute to Katy!

Katy challenged lawmaker Ray Allen in 2004, winning 47 percent of the vote against the 12-year incumbent. Allen later announced he wouldn't run again and has suddenly stepped down, triggering the special election.

"There is one issue and one issue only in this election -- solving the public school finance crisis," Hubener says. "That will be the focus of the upcoming special session, and that will be the focus of my campaign."

Katy has vowed to fight for putting more resources in Texas classrooms, raising teacher pay to the national average, and cutting property taxes for families in Grand Prairie and Irving.

Katy has been endorsed by 100 local leaders, every major education group participating in this election, and other leading community groups.

With your support, she can win the special election on February 28 and become a strong voice for her community and Texas.

Help Katy by clicking on the following link to contribute to her campaign or send a check to Katy for Texas Campaign, 19 East Mountain Lane, Grand Prairie, TX 75052.

I have already committed my support to Katy and I am asking that you do the same. I believe that the tide is changing and Katy’s campaign is a prelude of great things to come for the Democratic Party of Texas. She deserves everyone’s support. So we need to step up and get involved in her campaign. We all need to do what we can and give what we can to help Katy take the House District 106 seat. Thank you and I hope you’ll join in my support for Katy. Visit Katy's website at http://www.katyfortexas.com.

Fight on!
Richard Morrison

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Texans in three different parts of the state have a chance to improve our state for all of us by electing Donna Howard, Katy Hubener and Carlos Uresti. Howard and Hubener will dramatically shift the balance in the Texas House, plus give that legislative body its only two Anglo Democratic women. Uresti will strengthen the Senate by replacing a tool of the power structure with an independent who knows what his principles are and sticks to them.

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