February 10, 2006
Bell v Gammage on the air

WFAA in Dallas hosted a debate between Chris Bell and Bob Gammage yesterday - Jason Stanford described it as "No rules, no opening & closing statements, no time limits, just a conversation moderated by Wayne Slater of the Morning News and Brad Watson of WFAA that is live to tape." It was viewable live on the site at the time - I missed it, but Ryan Goodland didn't. I presume it will air in Dallas if it hasn't already. And even if you still miss it, you can catch Part II of the BOR interviews with Bell and Gammage. This AusChron story on the Dem primary is also a good read. Eye on Williamson picks up on an intriguing tidbit at the end of the piece.

The Star Telegram is the first major paper to give an endorsement in the Democratic gubernatorail primary, and they go with Bell. I've seen a few scattered endorsements in other races around, but only the Morning News, which has mostly done the Republican races so far, seems to be really into it as yet. Early voting will be on us before you know it, so I hope these folks get on the stick pronto.

Elsewhere, there's two more reports from Matt in DC with the John Courage campaign. Looks like it was a good day for them:

Today we met with another half dozen groups including an specialist on immigration issues Rick Schwartz, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), the League of Conservation Voters, a specialist in media and communications strategies Jon-Christopher Bua, NARAL, and the American Trial Lawyers Association (ATLA).

In exciting news, IBEW endorsed on the spot and pledged to make a substantial campaign contribution.

The Express News also has some coverage on Courage's trip. The attention is good, but he's going to need some cash to make any headway. I hope this helps.

Three members of the San Antonio Area Progressive Action Coalition trekked out to Bandera to hear CD23 Democratic candidate Rick Bolanos speak, and they came away impressed.

On the other side of the aisle, CD22 challenger Tom Campbell has an ad running on local TV, which you can see here (page loads slowly). Like DeLayVsWorld, I've not seen them on the air. I too think DeLay will skip running ads on his own, but it wouldn't surprise me if the Club for Growth runs something on his behalf as they did in 2004. As Juanita points out, they wouldn't be the only "outside group" shilling for DeLay in this campaign.

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Courage and Bolanos were both in DC for the Band of Brothers events, along with several other Texans. Tequila Mas Fina has audio of most of their opening statements - http://weberblue.blogspot.com/2006/02/band-of-brothers-on-mall.html

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WFAA has an archive of the debate on their website in case you missed it.

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