February 26, 2006
Still more Koufax 2005 nominations

The Koufax nominations for 2005 are still coming in. Most of the categories are up, but there's still a couple to go, and voting will commence once they've all been compiled. Meanwhile, the latest additions are:

Best Blog Community
Best Group Blog
Best Expert Blog
Best Writing

The deadline for the emergency fundraiser for Koufax support has passed, but there's never a wrong time to help out the good folks at Wampum who put so much time and effort into doing this.

On a slightly different note, Julia wants you to help her buddy Michael Berube win Crazy Davey Horowitz's Worst Professor In America contest (assuming you can get past the ick factor and follow that last link). He's comfortably in the lead now, but you never know what those other loony academics might have up their sleeve, so go help him out.

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