February 28, 2006
Statement from Jim Henley

With the primary election one week from today, I asked both Democratic candidates in CD07 to send me a statement about why you should vote for them. The following is Jim Henley's statement.

Democrats have a great opportunity this November! The race for Congressional District 7 comes down to who can wage the stronger campaign against John Culberson. It is sometimes difficult for voters to assess the strength of candidates prior to the voting. Some important indicators are:

(1) I live in district 7.

(2) We have a broad based volunteer pool who live in the district.

(3) Please check the FEC filings for January and compare the number and amount of donations to both candidates.

(4) Issues: I have called for a complete withdrawal of our troops from Iraq by December, 2006. This is a national security issue for our country and a moral issue for a candidate for Congress.

It is true that District 7 leans Republican, but voters are looking for character, not the shadow of Culberson. I have refused special interest money, and folks have rallied to our campaign and opened up their checkbooks. Voters are looking for someone who is the opposite of Culberson to inspire them to give and work and take back their government!

Culberson, DeLay, Perry, Hutchinson,and Wong will be defeated this November by Democrats who offer the voters a clear choice. I ask the voters of District 7 for their vote and their support.

Jim Henley

Thank you, Jim Henley. Please see the previous entry for David Murff's statement.

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