February 28, 2006
Go, Katy!

Today is the day of the HD106 special election. Donna Howard's victory in the previous special got everyone's attention. A win today by Katy Hubener would demonstrate that it was no outlier. If you're in HD106, make sure you vote. The Hubener campaign will have its vote-counting party at UAW Hall, 2218 East Main Street, Grand Prairie, beginning at 7 PM. I'll be packing for a trip out of town tonight, but I'll try to keep an eye on this result as well.

Meanwhile, early voting is up in Bexar County from 2004.

By the end of Friday, the fourth day of early voting, 5,161 people in Bexar County had cast ballots in the Democratic primary. That marks a 28 percent increase in turnout over the same period in the 2004 primary.

Early voting started Tuesday and runs through Friday.

This week, the pace could pick up even more.

"The final week of early voting is always the heaviest, and the hotter the race, the heavier the turnout in the last few days," said Christian Anderson of Election Support Services.

It's the SD19 race between Carlos Uresti and Frank Madla that's the main driver of turnout, but as the article notes Ciro Rodriguez should also benefit. Link via Kos, who also quotes from a commenter who called the Webb County Election Administrator's Office and reports that "Laredo was lagging a bit from the last cycle at this point in early voting." It's the end total that matters, of course, but this is a positive sign.

Finally, you can see Uresti's latest ad here. And though it doesn't affect either of these races, turnout is good so far in Hidalgo and Cameron Counties.

UPDATE: See this BOR post for more on Hubener and results when they come in later.

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