March 01, 2006
Statement from Borris Miles

With the primary election less than one week from today, I asked both Democratic challengers in HD146 to send me a statement about why you should vote for them. The following is Borris Miles' statement.

It’s time for a change. On Tuesday, the voters will have the rare opportunity to gain something we haven’t had for a long time: a hard-working voice for our district.

As the only candidate in this race who was born and raised in the district and has strong roots throughout the district, I feel like I offer the best voice for our district. I’ve worked my way up as a son of Sunnyside, working my way through school and college to become, first an HISD police officer and, for the past 14 years, a successful small businessman. Borris L. Miles Insurance is the result of and indication of my dedication to my community. Today, we write over $12 million in policies from a business I started from scratch. I’ve bought and renovated two city blocks along Almeda because I believe in giving back to the community that has made me what I am. I’ve given to my community through youth groups, first time homebuyers, and counseling for first-time offenders. That’s a track record I’m proud of and one that I look to continue while in office.

Many years ago, there were tireless people who worked to fulfill the dream that we could have access to opportunity. If people still believe the dream lies in our past, they should vote for Mr. Edwards. But the new dream isn’t to get in the restaurant … it’s to own the restaurant! If the dream of opportunity and progress is shared by anyone in District 146, then I’d suggest my life is an example of fighting for that dream and I believe I’m the candidate for them.

We have a good deal of unmet needs in this district that have gone ignored for too long: schools that need better funding, children that need better health insurance, communities that need economic development, and homeowners that don’t view rising property taxes as a Republican or Democratic issue.

It’s time for a change.

Thank you, Borris Miles. Please see the previous entry for Al Bennett's statement.

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