March 04, 2006
Stream-of-consciousness blogging

Yesterday the UH Law Center put on a symposium on LNG (liquefied natural gas) terminal siting, part of which was a really nice lunch. I ended up sitting next to Juan Parras, whose son, John, opposed Carol Alvarado in last year's city elections. I've tried to be optimistic about our mayor pro tem's stumbles, but these last couple of weeks have been kind of hard to stomach; they're getting to be kind of embarassing for the whole city. Incidentally, the Official Carol Alvarado Resignation Watch has begun:

Mayor Bill White spoke with some City Council members Friday to feel them out about who should be mayor pro tem if Councilwoman Carol Alvarado relinquishes the post amid a payroll-padding scandal.

White said he has not spoken with Alvarado about stepping down as mayor pro tem, and a spokesman for the councilwoman said she has not considered it.

"Carol needs to make decisions about that," White said. "She has professionals that are counseling her."

As Alvardo is getting lawyered up, I'm not sure whether she's planning on staying or leaving. But I felt that, like most Houstonians I suppose, Parras wasn't too happy about this, but he did seem to enjoy talking about his son breaking the UH Degree mini-scandal.

And speaking of UH, we're having our student government and dormitory elections here soon, and the rap is that we have too many offices and too few candidates (some would say its because nobody cares anymore). As the temporarily-appointed Election Commissioner for the RHA election, I've told people that I'm not "disappointed" that all of our races are unexciting (makes it easier to run the election). Nevertheless, it's not a good sign of enthusiasm. At least the UT student government electionswere contested! (For any UH folk out there - RHA elections are March 8th - Vote!)

Also, remember to attend your precinct conventions on Tuesday. Your regular polling place at 7:15. I'll be across the street at Wheeler Avenue Baptist if I can sneak out of Wills early enough.

And speaking of Wills, I can't finish this post without mentioning Anna Nicole Smith's day in the Supreme Court this week. Which brings us back full circle, I guess - the lawyer who opposed Anna Nicole in state court is now representing Carol Alvarado.

Posted by Jim Dallas on March 04, 2006 to The great state of Texas | TrackBack

Nice to see Kuff using the talents of the multi talented Jim Dallas - who is about to experience the joys of his first primary in Houston...a bit different than the glory days in Austin, Jimbo.

A note...after a view of Anna Nicole, I had to laugh tht when Carol came out to meet the press last week she had a new hair style and had on perfect make-up. Joe Householder is earning his 50K

Posted by: Carl Whitmarsh on March 4, 2006 6:49 PM

I have to say, I'm a friend and colleage of Juan Parras, but I felt that the UH degree mess was a total waste of everyone's time and attention. Misplaced outrage I'm afraid.

I am also sympathetic to Carol Alvarado's situation. City bureaucracy is a mess. Just because some paper comes across your desk doesn't mean you have any actual control over the decision, and if some paper doesn't come across your desk you're supposed to know about it anyhow. Ultimately, let's hope the system works properly, justice is done, and the books are balanced. It sure seems to be taking a while . . . but maybe we'll see the results today.

Posted by: JWilson on March 6, 2006 8:35 AM