March 05, 2006
On the Dynamics of the Circular Firing Squad

I get e-mail (it's a mass e-mail; I don't generally quote personal e-mails):

It all starts Tuesday night. Get yourself involved and elected as a delegate to your Senate Convention held March 25. Introduce, support and pass as many of our resolutions as you can. Go to your Senate Convention and get elected to the State Convention in Ft. Worth in June where the purge begins. We will clean house in the senate districts (every Senate District in Harris County needs its SDEC replaced as they have all lain prone before the throne of the State Party powers that be) and then we will cast aside the old guard of Slagle, Speight, Molberg, Malcolm, Soechting, Richie, Teal and elect Glen Maxiy State Chair to lead our revolution and work to root out the John Breaux, Mary Landrieu, Martin Frost, Hillary Clinton, Joe Lieberman, Evan Bayh, John Kerry cabal.

By no stretch of the imagination will I insist that anyone has an obligation to vote/support every chump who calls himself (or herself) a Democrat, but I found this e-mail kind of amusing.

As best I can tell, the writer of this e-mail supports one Democrat (Glen Maxey, a good man and my choice for the next state chairman), and opposes, well lets see:

  • Every SDEC Member in Harris County (7 districts times 2 SDEC members each = 14 SDEC members)
  • "Slagle, Speight, Molberg, Malcolm, Soechting, Richie, Teal" (7 people)
  • "[T]he John Breaux, Mary Landrieu, Martin Frost, Hillary Clinton, Joe Lieberman, Evan Bayh, John Kerry cabal" (7 more).

That's at least 28 people right there! That has to be some kind of world record for excessive anti-Democratic Establishment angst.

Posted by Jim Dallas on March 05, 2006 to Show Business for Ugly People | TrackBack

Talk about a wild e-mail- one which most certainly isn't from anyone actually dedicated to working for Glen Maxey that I've been in touch with. I think the 'our resolutions' bit is a bit of a tip off as I'm not aware of any that the Maxey efforts would even be putting out there.

Plus, I think some of those people listed are supporters of Maxey. So it really doesn't make any sense.

Posted by: Karl-T on March 5, 2006 10:28 PM

Thanks Jim for making the point I have tried to make for years..Yes there are SDEC members from Harris County that SHOULD be replaced...not all and maybe some of the individuals named should move on, but when oh when Democrats will you learn to aim your fire not on fellow Democrats but on Republicans.

Actually, I think some folks would like for all of us to slit our wrists and see whose blood runs reddest.
Unfortunately or fortunately, the self important and self promoting twits who promote that kind of crap don't have a chance of longterm success...

Posted by: Carl Whitmarsh on March 5, 2006 10:59 PM

Sorry about a stupid question, I left Austin a couple of years ago. Is there a chance in hell of Maxey being state party chair? How cool would that be.

Anyone care to handicap that possibility?

Posted by: texas dem on March 5, 2006 11:02 PM

A very good chance. Actually besides the 70,000 plus e-mails that went out in his open letter to the Party Democrats, about 5000 autocalls were made today to former State delegates. It's a real campaign, with a lot of grassroots support (as well as institutional). Maxey has basicly run the last 6 state conventions, if it even comes down to a ground game...

Posted by: Karl-T on March 6, 2006 12:38 AM

If Maxey ran the last 6 conventions, then he needs to do what he does best, and that ISNT running a state convention.

On the original topic, there are some people who instead of working behind the press and publicity to rid our party of those who are selling out, they come in with the "Clean House" mentality.

In the long run, it doesnt help. These people are dangerous, but I respect their passion.

Posted by: John Cobarruvias on March 6, 2006 8:56 AM

3 Predictions

1) Maxey will win.
2) The Democratic Party will not only lose votes because of his presence (in fact, it already has), but under his ham-fisted chairmanship it will suffer its largest defeat in Texas gubernatorial history.
3) His replacement will be appointed by the SDEC.

Posted by: Dalicious on March 6, 2006 4:32 PM

"[T]he John Breaux, Mary Landrieu, Martin Frost, Hillary Clinton, Joe Lieberman, Evan Bayh, John Kerry cabal"

That's quite a combination there. Four of those are conservative Democrats from red states. I don't often see eye to eye with them, but I can mostly understand why the vote(d) as they do (did).

The other three, Lieberman, Clinton, and Kerry, are mainstream Democrats whose Presidential ambitions have given them varying degrees of right-wing "panderitis," with Lieberman being the worst and Kerry being the least bad. They're all from blue states and have much better voting records than the Dixiecrats, but they arguably do more damage to our party by constantly legitimizing right-wing talking points. (I'm not even sure Kerry belongs in this group any longer. His panderitis kept acting up during the '04 campaign, but has bothered him much less since.)

At any rate, I can't see lumping the two groups together into some imagined "cabal" like that.

Posted by: Mathwiz on March 7, 2006 2:04 PM