March 06, 2006
Not if, but when

Things which are supposedly imminent, on the grand scale of things:

  • The release of the city's report on the Carol Alvarado payroll-padding scandal, according to the H-Chron.
  • The release of Guns-and-Roses long-awaited (nine years!) album Chinese Democracy (pardon me, but considering I was about 10 (that oh-so-impressionable age) when Use Your Illusion came out, GN'R necessarily holds a special place in my heart).
  • In another blast from the past, the reformation of the Ma Bell monopoly.
  • The failure of New Orleans' levee system (again), according to engineers and libertarians.
  • The moment when we discover whether Vince Young is as smart as Mack Brown says he is, or as dumb as the Wonderlic says he is.
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