March 08, 2006
Andy Fastow is in the house

My stars, are we already at the Andy Fastow testimony part of the Lay/Skilling trial? I knew this was progressing faster than I'd thought, and I admit I've not been paying much attention to it lately (thankfully, Houstonist, Loren Steffy, and Tom Kirkendall have been), but boy did that sneak up on me. Serves me right for going out of town for a week.

I need to do a little catchup reading here, so give me a chance to get back up to snuff and I'll see if there's anything I have to add to all this. You should be sure to read Tom's post about the Lea Fastow plea bargain and how it may muck up the works for the feds, and Loren's post about the overlooked Enron Board of Directors and its role in letting Andy Fastow steal from the company.

By the way, the Andrea Yates retrial may be starting up as the Lay/Skilling trial winds down. If there's any visiting media left in town, they may want to consider extending their hotel reservations.

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