March 18, 2006
Why Frank Madla lost

Confusion over health insurance leaves children suffering

Three-year-old Ryla Woodard spent a weekend in the hospital earlier this year when she broke out in a rash, her fever spiked to 103 and doctors diagnosed her with mononucleosis.

Just days later she lost her government-sponsored health coverage, and her family can't afford a second follow-up blood test to see if she's still infected with the virus that can cause fatigue and swelling, or even rupturing, of the spleen.

"She's complaining of a sore throat. It lingers in your system a while," said Ryla's mother, Traci Woodard, from the East Texas town of Orange. "Today I cannot take her anywhere to see if she still tests positive for mono because I have no health insurance. I'm hitting walls and locked doors."

Frank Madla, before the primary, on Carlos Uresti's attack against him for voting to allow the Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP)-cutting bill HB2292 to come to the floor of the Senate:

"If that (bill) is the only issue that he can come up with in 32 years of service, then bring it on," he said.

Any questions?

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Having been on the floor for the passage of HB 2292, it seems to me the bill is much broader and bigger than CHIP and one that can hardly be characterized as a CHIP bill.

Posted by: kimmy on March 18, 2006 2:31 PM