March 19, 2006
From the "Wish I'd said that" files

Eye on Williamson brings the best quote I've heard this week, from the RSS feed for the subscription-only Texas Weekly:

While former Comptroller John Sharp and the rest of Gov. Rick Perry's tax reform commission works on proposed revisions to the state's business taxes, they're starting to hear more noise from lawmakers and lobbyists. That's not unusual with a special session approaching, but it's dangerous for tax bills: An unprotected tax bill lasts about as long as free pot at a rock concert and isn't nearly as much fun.

Dude. Rock on, dude.

Seriously, when I start to see articles in which Rick Perry steadfastly defends the TTRC's business tax plan against each member of the self-interested hordes, then I'll believe there's a chance it could happen. Until then, I expect more of what we've already seen, spiced up with a little extra bitterness from the primary campaigns.

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