March 20, 2006
Another rousing round of indifference from the Chron

As you know, one of the runoff elections on April 11 will be in HD146 between longterm incumbent and key Craddick lieutanant Al Edwards and challenger Borris Miles. The primary was hard-fought, with Edwards winning a solid majority in the early vote but falling below 50% based on a strong Primary Day showing by Miles and Al Bennett. The result of this runoff will be another indicator of the viability of Tom Craddick as House Speaker.

On Thursday, March 16, I reported that Bennett had officially endorsed Miles, thus unifying the opposition to incumbent Edwards and increasing the odds of turnover for the seat. It's now Monday, March 20, and as yet, this fact has not been reported by the Chronicle. It hasn't even warranted a mention in their new politics blog. (They're all over the petition-efforts by the two not-yet-on-the-ballot gubernatorial hopefuls, however.)

So. Will the Chron write anything more about this race? If so, when? And is there a technical term for this kind of indifference? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

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It hasn't even warranted a mention in their new politics blog.

I wonder about some of these Chron blogs and the commitment that the Chron bloggers have to them.

Texas Politics started with a flurry of posts, and the posting has been sporadic since then. The About:Chron blog is even worse, as is the Big 12 blog.

These blogs could be excellent extensions of the newspaper because they could cover topics at the micro level that might not fit in the big dead-tree newspaper (the new UH Sports blog is kind of a nice example of that). But so far, the Texas Politics blog is kind of hit and miss.

Posted by: Kevin Whited on March 20, 2006 9:21 AM