March 20, 2006
Another view of the SDEC meeting

Since John McConnell's account of the State Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC) meeting was made public, several SDEC members have sent out critical emails about it. The most detailed one came from the wonderfully named Zada True-Courage (wife of CD21 candidate John Courage). I've reproduced it beneath the fold, so click on and read.

I have reiterated time and again to Mr. McConnell that the bulk of the business that occurs at the party occurs in the committees, the committee reports are brought to the body and accepted. I would like for you to imagine what kind of things would not get accomplished if we had to hash everything out during the SDEC meeting. Committee meetings are open to all who wish to attend, and visitors are welcome to offer their comments to the committee.

Actually a number of things did happen yesterday, I am sorry Mr. McConnell chose to miss the committee meetings and just attend the SDEC meeting, he missed some very interesting items.

I am the co-chair of the Grassroots Committee with Dr. Dennis Teal, who by the way in my opinion is one of the most WONDERFUL ASSETS we have on the SDEC. (He is a real diamond in my book) He has worked tirelessly for the past four years crisscrossing this state to provide Grassroots training for anyone who wanted to show up. He deserves a hearty THANKS! You can write him at:

In our committee we heard an idea presented by the Progressive Populist Caucus that we hold hearings around the state in April and May and listen to Democrats' ideas for the platform. This information would be condensed by volunteers from the PPC and others into bullet points to be presented to the platform committee. We moved and accepted this motion.

We also had a report from our terrific DNC Field Directors. We heard from Anthony Gutierrez and Bryan Pendleton who have spent two straight months on the road. They have been doing training on the Voter Management System. We also heard from Sondra Holton who is the Field Director at the State Party Office. All are working hard and they've come up with some ideas on how to consolidate all the many lists into something that can be useful going forward. Sondra also reported that our Texas Democratic Party Handbook (AKA Grassroots Manual) was being printed and shrinkwrapped as we met. This is also available for your own printing on the Texas Democratic Party Website. This book has been the labor of love of many Grassroots Committtee Members over the past several terms. Karl Siverman took the initiative to rewrite the book, there is new information as well as old, to enable it to be in a consistent format and to make it more professional. Karl spent over 500 hours on this. He wasn't alone many of us on the Grassroots Committee and others participated in review and offering information but Karl did the lion's share and he deserves a hearty THANKS. (you can write him at )

We heard from Jennifer Dean who is charge of technology and the Voter Management System at the TDP. She has done some very good research on Voter Management Systems and she presented a new one to us and asked for approval to go forward with this system. This system is light years ahead of what we have now and will enable two way information. This will go far to helping us build a database of voters that we actually know about. We moved that she should go forward with the new system.

I also attended the Rules Committee. A rule change was offered but proposer was delayed in traffic and there seemed to be questions on wording so the item was tabled. In the resolutions committee, I did not attend, however I did hear Ms. Hadnott's report. She said the Resolutions Committee had voted to incorporate the four resolutions received in with the work of the State Convention. She said these would be considered first.

For finance report the $23k was the surplus of Revenue over Expenses, there was no report of Cash on Hand. Unfortunately, I could not attend the Finance Committee as I was attending the Nominations and Legal Committee.

We all must realize how important it is for us to come out and WORK for Barbara Radnofsky. She the most capable individual for the job. Please work very hard informing your friends and neighbors that this vote is extremely important. We DO NOT want Gene Kelly at to top of our ticket again as he was in 2000. Barbara can beat Hutchison and she'll do a much better job than "Rubber Stamp Kay".

Finally there will be an election on April 22nd to replace Charles Soechting. Charles has done some very good things for the party and I really appreciate his willingness to stand up to the DNC and to be feisty. He's always told me he wasn't going to do the same old things and believed in change, and by golly he is true to his word. Charles has done a lot to be more inclusive and to include the SDEC more. We still have a distance to go but he's started us down the right road. I have also found him to be extremely engaged. I can't tell you the number times I have had to call on him for help and he's always been willing to listen and has responded.Thanks and Good luck Charles!

I will be sending a separate communication to TXDEMOSD25 e-group on election.

Zada True-Courage

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