March 21, 2006
Roger Owen open letter followup

Meant to blog about this sooner, but you know how it goes: You may recall our open letter to Roger Owen, the nutball anti-gay candidate in CD01. If it wasn't clear in that post, Vince Leibowitz did email him a copy of it, and he got a response shortly thereafter, which you can see here. Not too surprisingly, he did not deal directly with the substantive issues. Later in the week, the Longview News-Journal did a piece on the letter and the response; Vince has a full copy of it here. It's not the most incisive political writing you'll ever encounter, but at least it was something. Finally, Vince notes that there may be an independent candidate running in CD01, if he can muster the signatures. He may be a nut, too, but until we know that for sure, he's worth checking into.

Patrick Franklin, the State House candidate Owen insulted during the primary, posts his thoughts on the matter. He's more forgiving than I might have been in his shoes.

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This is chilling, but Mr. Camp is now dead

Posted by: Vikas Verm on April 6, 2006 12:20 AM