March 22, 2006
Texas Criminal Justice Coalition to Testify Before House Committee

I got the same email as Matt, but he posted first so I'll quote him:

The Texas Criminal Justice Coalition today announced it would testify on Wednesday, March 22, before the House Corrections Committee in the Texas Capitol. The Coalition is expected to tell committee members that the current prison overcrowding problem cannot be sustained and that practical, cost-effective, and pro-family solutions to Texas’ probation system should be pursued.

Coalition Executive Director Ana Yanez-Correa and Ann del Llano, also of the Coalition, will address the cost of Texas’ probation system and offer recommendations to reduce revocations and recidivism. Coalition representatives Molly Totman and Dominic Gonzales will also testify and make recommendations related to the Governor's Criminal Justice Advisory Council’s recent report. Coalition partners are also expected to testify on other aspects of the committee’s interim work.

For more information on the Coalition’s work, click on

What: Texas Criminal Justice Coalition Testimony, House Corrections Committee
When: Hearing Begins 9:00 a.m., Wednesday, March 22
Where: E2.016, Capitol Extension, Texas State Capitol, Austin, Texas

Scott, of course, has way more on this. Be sure also to read Aaron Pena's piece on abuses in the juvenile justice system.

UPDATE: Notes from the morning's testimony from Scott here and here.

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