March 22, 2006
Where the box turtles come from

When I read that the Washington Post's new Republican activist blogger was once a speechwriter for Sen. John Cornyn, I wondered if he had a hand in some of the more, er, colorful things that our junior senator has said lately. Via Atrios, it turns out that young Ben was, at least indirectly, responsible for the infamous box turtle statement that was in a prepared speech Cornyn gave to the Heritage Foundation. (Cornyn, in a rare moment of restraint, skipped that remark when actually delivering the speech. But someone wrote it for him, and it would seem that someone was Ben Domenech. I'm sure his new colleagues at the Post are so proud.)

Next question: Did Domenech have a hand in this embarrassing chapter of Cornyn's career?

Posted by Charles Kuffner on March 22, 2006 to Other punditry | TrackBack

Don't forget that he helped start the most popular conservative website-redstate.

It's great to see him blogging for the WaPo

Posted by: Right of Texas on March 22, 2006 4:56 PM