March 23, 2006
More meetings for the Universities line

In my earlier post on the big Metro meeting to discuss the location of the Universities rail line, I noted that there would be a number of smaller meetings held by district City Council members Ann Clutterbuck, Ada Edwards, and Pam Holm, all of whom represent areas that the line will pass through. This Chron article lists the time and place for most of these meetings:

In Clutterbuck's District C:

  • April 6: West University Church of Christ, 3407 Bissonnet

  • April 10: Girl Scout headquarters, 3110 Southwest Freeway

  • April 12: Location to be announced

  • April 18: Central Presbyterian Church, 3788 Richmond

In Edward's District D:

  • April 11: Location to be announced

  • April 23: South Main Baptist Church, 4100 Main St

In Holm's District G:

  • April 17: Location to be announced

All meetings are set to start at 6:30 PM. For more information about the ones whose location have not been set, I'd advise contacting the respective Council member's office.

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