March 24, 2006
Requesting a mail ballot for the runoff

From Glen Maxey, via Patrick Franklin:

Exciting New Tool: Requests for Mail Ballots Made Simple

Help Barbara Radnofsky or your favorite local run-off candidate in the Democratic Primary Run-Off !

Here's a great tool that has been developed to assist in getting vote by mail applications created for seniors, the disabled or people out of their county on election day and during early voting.

If you need an application, click on this link:

(if the link doesn't work, cut and paste the address in your browser)

When you finish, and print out the application, it'll have the address and/or fax number of the correct Mail Ballot Clerk for your county. SIGN THE APPLICATION and mail or fax it.

Deadline for the application to reach the clerk is April 4th. Don't delay!

Know someone off at college? In the hospital? Out of town this month? Have a friend living in a senior care facility? Have neighbors who need an application?

Send them this link so they can get an application.

Or do them a service by printing it out for them. They just need to sign it and mail it.

If this sounds like it could be useful to you, check it out.

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Note that goodmail.ORG is not the same as goodmailsystems.COM, the certified e-mail company with whom AOL is working to implement their controversial pay-to-spam service.

In fact, the only thing at goodmail.ORG seems to be the mail ballot application. They don't seem to be related to goodmailsystems.COM at all.

Posted by: Mathwiz on March 24, 2006 4:47 PM