April 03, 2006
Statement from Barbara Radnofsky

Early voting for the primary runoffs begins today. I have statements from five candidates who are in the runoffs in which they ask for your support. This first one is from Barbara Radnofsky in the Senate runoff.

Why you should vote for Barbara Ann Radnofsky in the April 11 runoff (early voting begins April 3):

1. I have a 27-year track record as an effective lawyer, mediator, and proven problem solver.

2. I have run the most substantive, issue-oriented campaign in recent memory: 25-page issues chart with over 100 footnotes.

3. I am a tireless worker. I have made 330 campaign trips across Texas over the last two years.

4. Eugene Kelly is a spoiler, a ticket-splitter, and Karl Rove's dream nominee: he is a non-campaigning recluse, a proven loser against Hutchison, and an enemy of the Democratic Party in Texas. He runs on the strength of his name's similarity with Gene Kelly and can't even dance, much less run an efficient statewide campaign. He has beaten good Democrats in statewide races before by considerable margins, and represents a significant threat.

5. I am the only candidate who can beat Hutchison in the general.

6. I have been endorsed by every major newspaper in the state.

7. I have been endorsed by the state party chair.

8. I have raised close to $1 million in grass-roots fundraising.

9. As a first-time candidate with a unique last name and no prior political experience, I beat my two challengers by a comfortable margin, though the name Gene Kelly pulls up 19 million hits on Google.

Barbara Radnofsky

Thank you, Barbara Radnofsky. I urge everyone reading this who's eligible to vote in the Democratic primary runoff to cast a ballot for Radnofsky. It really is important.

The Chron has a writeup on this race today, which unlike their pathetic pre-primary effort at least casts Radnofsky's runoff opponent Gene Kelly in an accurate light.

One more thing: I got word last night from BAR that she had been interviewed and then endorsed by the Texas Federation of Teachers and American Federation of Teachers. That's an endorsement for the general election, not just the primary.

Keep reading for more statements.

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Dear Barbara:
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!You guys did a great job!!!
I'm so very comforted by your fabulous victory.... I'm hoping for a Democratic "clean sweep" of all available congressional, senate, state, county and local seats without delay! We so desperately need a thorough governmental housecleaning. You're just the woman to do it. Best of luck & Best wishes to you, your family & staff. DO us Proud Barbara!!!
Your Constituent
Christina Barnes-Guenther
Chapter Historian
Texas Democratic Women Fort Bend Co.
Dist 22

Posted by: Christina Barnes=Guenther on April 13, 2006 1:03 AM