April 03, 2006
Statement from Borris Miles

The following is a statement from Borris Miles, candidate for House District 146.

Just a month ago, a majority of voters in District 146 said it was time for a change by casting a vote to restore real leadership in Austin, leadership they have gone without for too long. They sent a message that it is time for a new voice in the Texas House of Representatives. I am Borris Miles, and I am a candidate for State Representative, District 146.

We have serious needs in District 146, and across this great state; needs which are not being met. I will go to Austin and return the focus to what matters:

  • Increasing funding for public education and empowering our teachers. Texas ranks 40th out of 50 states in per-student spending, and leads the nation in the number of dropouts. We simply must invest more in public education for a prosperous Texas future. We also must empower our educators, by paying them fairly and by giving them more control of the classroom and the curriculum.
  • Keeping our children healthy. We must restore the draconian cuts made to the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and expand enrollment. We have a responsibility to make sure every Texas child has access to decent health care.
  • Building a bright future for our kids. We must expand after-school, job training and substance abuse treatment programs to help our youth avoid the temptation of drugs and crime, and stay on the path to success.
  • Expanding small businesses and economic opportunity. I started a small business in my garage apartment, and have built it into a success. We must improve access to low-interest loans and start-up grants for small and minority- and women-owned businesses, to create tomorrow’s successes.
  • Keeping us safe. I am a former law enforcement officer who understands we must bring all levels of government together to reduce crime and keep our streets safe. By focusing more on crime prevention and rehabilitation of first-time offenders, we can keep more kids in school and out of jail.

I am running for office, not because I need a job or want to curry political favor with the Republican leadership, but because the people of District 146 deserve to have their voices heard and their interests represented at the Capitol.

It’s time for a change. By working together, on April 11th we will make that change a reality.

Thank you for your support.

Thank you, Borris Miles. As I've reported before, Miles has the endorsement of Al Bennett, who finished third in the three-way primary. Here are a couple of pictures of Bennett and Miles shaking hands on that endorsement.

Barring a late response from Paul Foreman in CD10, that concludes my series of candidate statements for the runoffs. Please do your part and vote, either this week during early voting or next Tuesday the 11th.

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