April 04, 2006
Now playing defense

So the prosecution rested its case last week in the Ken Lay/Jeff Skilling trial, and after a short break the defense has gotten started. I know, I know, I've totally ignored this for some time now. I can't really say why I've not found it as interesting as I'd thought I would. I just haven't. What can I say?

Some former Enron employees were less than overwhelmed by the prosecution's case. Loren Steffy says there could have been more dirt piled on Lay and Skilling had the prosecution gotten some different rulings from Judge Lake. Tom has a good summary of the trial so far, and he expects the defense to start blowing some big holes in the evidence that was presented.

That's all I got. We'll see if I find this stage more compelling.

(Note: I had this and the next post drafted yesterday evening before the DeLay mess hit the fan. I figure I may as well publish them now before they get too moldy. Besides, the world does go on and we all need a little something besides DeLay-a-rama to keep us going with it.)

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