April 08, 2006
Parting is such sweet sorrow

Don't know how many of you listened to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me this morning, but they had Tom DeLay as the subject of their "Not My Job" game. It was quite amusing to hear the reactions to his nickname in the Texas House - "Hot Tub Tom", though they got the details of this story wrong; the champagne was poured on his daughter, not his wife - and to his explanation for why he did not serve in Vietnam. Ah, memories.

Well, it's official that we won't have a May special election now. We presumably won't know until DeLay's official departure in June whether we'll have one election or two in November. I have no clue when we'll know who the Chosen One is. I'm just glad that things have slowed down a bit.

I see that Charlie Cook has now moved CD22 from the "Republican Toss-Up" column in his 2006 Competitive House Race chart (PDF). I think that until we know who the Chosen One is and how fractious the anointment process is that it's premature to make any judgments. I agree that CD22 is likely less competitive now. I disagree that it's a certainty, and even if it is less competitive, I say we don't yet know to what degree that's true.

Finally, Juanita runs an excerpt from a Lampson campaign email in which Team Lampson expresses their thanks to "the many Republicans who emailed and called our campaign to apologize (even though it wasn't their obligation to do so) and say they really did not like what they saw from the DeLay staff yesterday." I just wonder if anyone who was actually involved in that ugly incident will feel that kind of obligation. I see that one of Juanita's correspondents dug up an old post of mine which shows that DeLay's campaign manager Chris Homan, the person who has admitted to being the organizer of that incident, has a history of this sort of thing. I'm guessing that means the answer is No.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention that I saw the Charlie Cook update at Casual Soapbox.

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You know, of course that the Wait, wait broadcast is preserved and podcast on the NPR site, right?

Posted by: Rick Haas on April 8, 2006 3:00 PM