April 10, 2006
25 years of Fernandomania

On a happier baseball note, Jay Jaffe celebrates his fifth blogiversary by recalling that a quarter century ago yesterday, a pudgy 20-year-old from Mexico toom the mound in Dodger Stadium and shut out the Astros. Seven starts and four more shutouts later, the eyes of America were riveted on Fernando Valenzuela. I may never forgive him for his role in denying the Yankees a World Series championship in 1981, but boy was he fun to watch. Here's to you, Fernando.

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I remember going the day of the game to see him at Shea. In an early onset senior moment, I can't remember if it was his first or second year in the league. That was the beauty of the Mets when they sucked. You could get great seats to see anyone you wanted strike out Joel Youngblood.

Posted by: benton on April 10, 2006 3:29 PM