April 24, 2006
Newcomers and comebacks

The new kid on the block today is Texas Kos, an outgrowth of the (very busy) Yahoo group of the same name. It's one of those hot new Soapblox sites, so you can join in and add content as you wish. Welcome to the neighborhood, y'all.

Meanwhile, The American Street is up and running again. Their revamped roster of regular posters includes Texans Arvin Hill and Bride of Acheron, and they occasionally let the odd stray in to do a guest post or two. Nice design, useful features like the state-by-state listing of progressive blogs, and good content - what more do you want?

(And if your answer to that last question is "The opportunity to hoist a few Shiner Bocks with fellow liberals in Amarillo", I'm pleased to tell you that you can indeed do that.)

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