May 19, 2006
Texas Monthly on Chris Bell

Greg and Ryan both point to this Texas Monthly preview piece (available for the standard Limited Time Only) on Chris Bell's gubernatorial campaign. Lots of themes there that have been harped on here and elsewhere, plus some good background on Bell and his campaign. Do read it while you can.

Oh, and as you do, consider that Rick Perry's popularity took a nose dive in May (the crosstabs are pretty consistent, too). I don't want to make too much of this, since his popularity always dips when the Lege is in session, and he's going to get a lot of mostly good press for the passage of the TTRC tax plan (for which he's taking a victory lap around the state). Stil, the data here indicates a loss of support among conservatives, and that will bear watching. Bell says that the outcome of the special session makes this a two-person race between Perry and himself. I'm not so sure about that, but we'll see.

Anyway. These Texas Monthly stories are generally very good reads, so do check it out.

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